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Power Pack Compatibility

Hello, I have been in the hobby almost a year now and im in love. Swappable count is up to four now and they are all little planes like the FT Flyer and the FT Delta. Im looking to make something bigger and I need to know which planes work with the C size powerpack. I know the spitfire does and im building that right now, but afterwards, what can I build next?


I believe if it's not a mini or part of the 3 pack then it will work with Power Pack C. There are also many community designed planes that are compatible with the C pack.


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It might be me, but I think it's broken. The disclaimer shows up and I can view the contents of the different power packs, but that's it. I'm sort of in the same boat; I ordered the Power Pack C, as well, and I'm planning to build a FT Explorer. I was also wondering what else would work with this thing.

If I understand correctly, this setup delivers around 2.75 kg (6 lbs) of thrust with the standard prop? If I mount an 8x6 can I get away with it on some of the smaller planes or is it just too heavy?

Thanks for your time and I apologize if this is an unacceptable thread necro situation.


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if you look around on the forum here I saw a link on how to upscale the size for any plans and adapt them. That opens up even more possibilities so you could probably make any model you desire that has a posted plan somewhere no matter what size it started at.