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I would like to see options for buying Power Packs A and F with only the motor, ESC, and servos. I have a stash of the other things built up already, so I don't need more of them.

Would anyone else like to see this option?


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It’s easy to buy motors and ESC separately elsewhere and servos are cheap enough on a variety of sites, I tend to buy a dozen or more at a time so I have several builds worth.
It will be interesting to see if the new FT branded ESC’s and rotary motors are available separately, especially outside the US as the ESC’s seem to be excellent from what tests the FT team have done on them and mentioned in recent output.
I would settle for being able to get the existing power packs for a decent price outside the US, we currently pay much more than £1=$1 on our RRP, meaning they are not worth buying even with the extras!


I also have purchased motors and ESCs elsewhere. The value I recognize is having the XT-30 connectors and 2mm bullets pre-soldered to the parts (minis). I recently ordered up some of the FT brand motors and ESCs and will run some tests to see how they compare to the EMax units.

I also live outside the US so I have parts sent to an address in the US and pick them up during a business trip. That also allows me to benefit from US pricing.

Japan's RC aircraft hobby is hindered by the dearth of flying sites and the work culture which frowns on free time, so there are not many options when finding parts. Nagoya, a city of millions with a lot of technical industry and engineers only has 1 or 2 small hobby shops. The reason I am involved now (to the point of posting on a forum) is that the durability of the Tiny Trainer and the way Flite Test put it all together really allowed me to learn without becoming discouraged. It has been a great experience.

I am glad to see that the new motors are now available, because for a time late last year it seemed that the available products were changing in a way which made the build videos less helpful. The reason I posted is that I like the idea of smaller power packs for frequent builders. It could simplify ordering the next plane.
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