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Power package replacement parts?

Goodmorning FT community,
Yesterday I took my p-51 out for MY maiden (as i had let the pro's trim it out for me and make sure i built it right), I was incredibly impressed with the characteristics of the plane and to be honest the power package. Coming from rc car racing, getting a cheap motor/esc combo like that usually spells disaster, but wow did that thing have some torque and it was so quiet. But I digress, the plane simply looks amazing in the air (see my P-51D QuickSilver post) and flies so smoothly.

UNFORTUNATELY, my controller lost connection/shut off while doing an inverted pass yesterday and slammed hard into the ground nose first. I would be upset, but i am still in awe of how amazing this plane flew and especially landed, so smooth and scale. So, i decided it was fixable with the help of the FT community.

Sorry for the long intro haha.

So my problems are is that i bent the shaft (not the one built into the motor rather the one that is bolted onto the opposing side) on the emaxx motors in the power package that is recommended for the FT mustang, I believe it is power package C. I would hate to have to buy a new motor. Has anyone had to buy a replacent part for the power packages?

Also the "c" fold and the BBQ skewers that align the power pod are destroyed, Im not sure if cutting that c fold section out and replacing it is a good idea as that section is part of a longer piece that makes the top of the fuselage. I am very stuck on this.

Thanks for all the help guys! Go Mustangs!


Gravity Tester
I did some searching and if I understand you correct you need this. If you mean the shaft on the other side check out this. It's 2 inches long while the shaft in the 2215/09 from power pack C is only 0.6 inches so you might have to do some trimming.

Cutting out a broken section and gluing in a new one is generally possible. Enough hot glue and tape will insure a secure bond. FT planes will fly until they are literally 50% glue and tape holding the pieces together.
My friend,
Thank you so much, I was still searching for it from the time I posted this, till i just now checked back on the forum. Emaxx in google kept coming up with the traxxas rc car. Thank you very much!
And i appreciate the advice on the c fold part too i will try it, you mentioning tape gave me a good idea. Thanks so much!


Gravity Tester
No problem, also do you know why your controller lost connection? It would be a shame for it to happen again.
I have no idea. I initially thought i let the voltage in the controller drop too low. But 11.4V seems like it should still have some life left in it. And no alarm or beep went off.
I do not have a Lipo alarm for my planes battery so i planned on limiting my flights to 5 minutes just too be safe. However it is very possible that in the excitement of flying I flew way too long. In any case I've ordered an alarm