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Power pod fitting issue


Junior Member
Hi guys,

I feel that I have missed something simple in my baby blender scratch build but here goes;

When installing the power pod into the baby blender there are 4 notches that mate both pod and plane together. In the video the alignment plate is then glued to the underside of the baby blender fuselage. My query now is how do the 2 forward notches/tabs locate together with the thickness of the alignment plate now preventing this from occuring.

My guess is that the 2 forward notch/tabs don't locate together only the rear two and this setup provides a required down thrust for the baby blender.

Its odd that the notches are cut into the fuselage but not used. Check the build video for the baby blender at 10 mins.

Anyone else experience this? Other than this the build was great so far. Can wait to fly it

Cheers macajdm
I never noticed this, but you are correct. just the rear tabs seat into the fuselage. I believe that is a fix from version 1. Good luck on the maiden!
I havent built all the ft planes, but i believe the four notches are used as a standard in all the plans.
The planes with no downthrust use all four, and the planes with downthhrust use only the rear notches.
I did notice on th Ft Mustang build the forward tabs do fit into the forward notches,but only about half way.


Senior Member
Unless I did something wrong, my bloody wonder is that way too. It flies great, so whatever I did couldn't be too wrong. lol