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Power pod nose reinforcement for swappable


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Hey guys, this is my first post here so if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it.
I've recently built the FT Delta as my first plane to learn on and being new to RC planes I ended up making it a bit heavy by covering the surfaces with packing tape to waterproof it and add strength. As a result I have to run at full throttle to get it to fly well which makes it decently fast for a learner plane.
As your expect for a learner Ive ploughed nose first into the ground many times at full throttle and it pretty much turned the nose into a crumpled mess, still flyable, but not great.

I made a new power pod for it with a small change to try and avoid this. I hot glued 2 paddle pop sticks to the inside floor of the power pod, pressing up against the firewall to help stop it from crumpling back and it's helped a lot! Nose dived after a loop and it came away with no damage.
Figured I'd share this small mod in the hope that it helps someone else with the same problem.



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I had a similar concept with the nose of my DTFB Alula clone. Instead of taping popsicle sticks, I sliced the foamboard into two thinner pieces and made a foamboard-popsicle sandwich. I would post pics, but I am currently away from home. I looks just like regular foam, but like you've said it's incredibly tough.
I typically add another piece of foam board on each side of the powerpod up against the firewall and about two inches aft of it. Definitely helps without adding much weight. It wont be as strong but as you found out, weight can be an issue. Also, the lighter and slower they go, the less damage. I would recommend trying to shave some weight from your build to make it fly better and most likely crash less. It may be too late for your delta this time but it wouldn't hurt making another and swapping things over to the new one. Minwax is a little lighter than tape for waterproofing. Tape bothers colored packing tape is much lighter than extreme packing tape. Only use extreme packing tape on needed areas of powerpod. You can remove the case from your receiver to save a few grams as well. I usually shrink wrap or put some liquid tape on it. Have fun with it!


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Nice idea. My problem with reinforcing DTF is that as you make something stronger, you are transferring damage to someplace else. Some reinforcements make a lot of sense, but for me, making the power pod bullet proof is not good. If the power pod survives, the rest of the plane is likely to sustain damage. I'd rather have to build a new power pod than a new fuselage. I don't even waste time taping mine. The idea of swapping them between planes sounds great, but in reality, I've never done it. I no longer waste time on things that may only last a few minutes once I start flying it.

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