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Powering a Simple Cub on Floats

The Hangar

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I just built a simple cub with floats too! I painted the waterproof ft foam board with rust oleum paint, and it does flake off some - more than the dtfb (dollar tree foam board) but it is acceptable (to me). You can use camp dry for waterproofing dtfb AFTER the plane is %100 built. Nothing will stick to it, including glue, so be sure to have all your building and decals and paint before you put the camp dry on. I fly off a power pack C. It gives me lots of power, which I like. However, it could be a handful for a new pilot. It would fly off the power pack B, but you wouldn’t be overpowering it at all, so if you’re new to the hobby, that would be a good thing. The C pack on 3s gives me more than enough enough power for simple aerobatics, such as loops, rolls, knife edges (sort of), but not quite hovering. I would totally go with the C pack, and it really doesn’t cost much more than the B pack. If you put 4s lipo in it, it would be extremely fast and have unlimited vertical I’m sure, although I have never done it. You might want to secure the rear float mount a bit as mine popped out several times causing the nose to go under water and eventually ruin an esc. Before flying off the water, I’d recommend watching the video Peter and Josh made on waterproofing electronics so you don’t ruin any of them. The cub is a great plane, and flying off of water is loads of fun! Enjoy 🙂