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Problem with Multiwii Quadcopter


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Hi everydbody,

New on the forum, and French, I apologize for my poor english :p .

I build last days a Quadcopter based on 4 800kv brushless, HK 40A SS ESCs, and a MultiWii Pro card, with Gps.

After ESC individual configuration (with Rc throttle), and right Multiwii programmation with Arduino, my multicopter still not flight. When I plug the LiPo, all the 4 ESC play their "openning music", in a kind of loop...

I try to "initialize" all the ESC with the FC with throttle up at starting, to arm/disarm the card, but without sucess.
On the GUI, the card seems to be ok, the differents sensors and the Rx do the job.

Have you any suggestion to fix this problem? :confused:

Thank you very much,




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Thank you, I have download this pdf few days ago... No problem with arm/disarm, the status led shut on or shut off when I arm/disarm the quad. But the 4 Esc still to play music in loops..


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ESC's playing the "music" in loops sounds like they think you are in programming mode. Is your throttle channel backwards maybe?


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Ok problem fixed!

No, it wasn't the throttle command, but a wiring problem:

In my first trials, each channel of my receiver was connect to Multiwii with 3 wires (black, red, yellow/white). And same method for the 4 ESC connection to the Multiwii.

Now, only one channel of receveir and one ESC are full connected (with 3 wires black, red, yellow), and I keep just the command wire (yellow or white)for the 3 others ESC and 4 or 5 other Rx channel, and it works!

The multiwii seems not like the multi power supply... :p


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It was two others thinks to do before starting the motors:
- Calibrating MAG, and calibrating ACC.
The flight controler do want to work without this two actions.