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Problem with receiver


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I recently purchased a versacopter kit, and a spectrum 5e with the AR 610 receiver (or 600 I forgot). I followed the build video exactly, my soder joints are solid and everything is powered when the battery is plugged in. I bound my transmitter and receiver before plugging everything in. But the nothing happens when I move the throttle, yes the transmitter is on. I went into clean flight and when I moved rudder, it told me aux 1 was being moved. I have no idea what's wrong and really need some help, Thanks.
PS. Using a naze32 (the new one) with one shot.


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The naze rev 6 is not supported or support was only recently added to clean flight. It is apparently fully supported by base flight.

See this thread for discussion.

I don't have a naze32 rev6 so I haven't followed through to see what all this actually means. Could be the current version works fine.

Another possibility is just be wiring and configuration. Spektrum uses TAER channel order for CH1-4 and signal lines from these channels on the receiver must be connected to pins 1 2 3 and 4 on the NAZE RC input connector On the Naze 32 rev 6 this connector is the line of through holes (or pins if a header is soldered in) on the left hand side of the board looking at the top with the front point up (or away) and are -ve, +ve, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

In Clean flight
On the Configuration page you should have RX_PARALLEL_PWM selected for receiver mode.
On the Receiver page you should select "JR/Spektrum/Graupner" and press Save which should set the channel order to TAER1234 Note: 1234 refers to the logical aux channel number not the naze32 pin number or the actual channel number

CH5 = AUX1 = Naze 32 RC Input PIN 5
CH6 = AUX2 = Naze 32 RC Input PIN 6 etc.

I think the Naze 32 rev6 can be powered via the USB port and there may be some procedure you have to observe because of that.