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Problems figuring out Betaflight

I'm having a really hard time figuring out Betaflight. I can't get my motors to arm at all. I've tried everything in Joshua Bardwell's videos. When I go to use my arm switch in the modes tab, instead of turning yellow, the indicator for the arm mode turns red and says disabled. Along with this problem Betaflight doesn't seem to recognize when I have my battery plugged in. When I do plug in my battery all the lights on the PDB and Fc come on. I've checked for collage with just the battery plugged in and it's fine, but when I plugged in the USB as well my reading go whacky.
Thanks for the help. I've included a status screenshot.



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Try increasing the range on your arm mode to 1700-2100. After, try while not connected to the configurator, or tick the "I have removed props..." box in the motors tab.

Not sure what's going on with the battery monitoring. Somewhere there is an option to enable vbat monitoring, make sure that's enabled.


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Also make sure you don’t have odd modes selected like stick arming and that your Aux‘s are set up right on the TX. Also is your arming angle set to 180? What’s your min_check set at? Did you set all the control end points up to 1000 and 2000?
What does the channel map look like? In the receivers tab. Look at the values you get from your arming switch and make sure the little quad model in there moves correctly when you move the sticks.