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problems programming a Taranis


New member
Hey gang, my Taranis arrived a couple of days ago(bragging!!), and I've been trying to sink my teeth into programming it. Its my first computer radio so I presume my problems are simple, but here goes.

I'm trying to set up my quad's Naza, everything is peachy, until it comes to setting up the control mode switch. I am completely stumped at how to program a switch to work with the channel.

I have tried playing around with mixing, setting channel 6 to be the switch, but it doesnt seem to be working, i reckon i'm overlooking something very simple and obvious. before you ask everything is plugged in correctly, Its the same connections i had before on my cheap hobbyking transmitter, so i know it can work. so its all on the transmitter side and I am stumped.

In the Naza assistant i've got it set to use the Traditional reciever type, rather than D-Bus and PPM, purely because I don't know what they are and when i select them it gives me an error. am i doing something wrong there?