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Problems with Betaflight F4 Flight Controller Built-In Flysky AFHDS 2A Receiver


New member

I am building a micro quad, 112 mm. I have a 4 in 1 ESC running, and the FC mentioned in the title. When I go to connect the flight controller to beta flight nothing happens. When I first tried plugging it into the computer, it would work and connect to betaflight. Now, since I have plugged the battery in it needs the battery to be recognized by the computer and it only stays connected for a few seconds before disconnecting. The FC also gets extremely hot. Hopefully, that might help you figure out the problem.



If the flight controller should not be getting hot...
there might be a short somewhere, can you ohm the connections youve soldered out to make sure there isnt a short.


New member
The heat issue is fixed, it was an issue of where the battery lines went. I now can't get the FC/RX to bind to my TX, a Flysky i6. My i6 does infact bind to another RX in my 220 build so I think it is a problem with my FC. Any sugestions on what to do?