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Problems with Power Pod electronics and components

My name is Silvester, and I live in the Netherlands. I want to build the FT power pod, and HobbyKing has a warehouse in the Netherlands. I want to order from that warehouse, because it will save me about 40 euros of shipping costs. However, not all electronics and components are available. The desired Turnigy 18Amp Plush ESC is unavailable, and so are the other ESC's and Radio Systems (and the props).

There is a Plush 25Amp ESC from Trunigy, but I don't know if I can use that on my power pod. Is that possible? To use a 25Amp ESC?
The radio system won't be a huge problem, for I can probably find one in the Netherlands. However, I cant manage to find out which prop I should get. FliteTest recommends a 8x4e, but it's unavailable. Will 8x4R do as well? And should I get a LH or RH? Counter or clockwise?

Any help is appreciated a lot. Thanks in advance.



Staff member
Yes, you can use a higher amp ESC it might just be bigger and heavier.

In this case the 25 A version is just 3g heavier:

  • 18 A: Weight: 19g; Size: 24x45x11mm
  • 25 A: Weight: 22g; Size: 24x45x11mm

Standard rotation direction for propellers is clockwise when viewed from the stern (as in "pilot seat") - which is CCW when you look from the front.

The "e" in 8x4e usually stands for "electric" props that are not as heavy as the ones for gas motors, while the "R" is for "reversed" I think.

It will work if you make sure the motor turns in the right direction, BUT you will experience some propeller related effects the other way round than "usual" which might make it difficult to switch to other planes if you get used to that.

Have you looked if there are hobby shops in your area? Perhaps they have the right prop available?