Prodigy 680 - Gens Ace 2200mAh 25C 3S wont charge


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EDIT: LOL...I was unaware that I needed to plug in the XT60 connector as well. It is working fine now. I used the banana clips to connect to the XT60 connector until I can solder up a cable.

Hello all, I am new to this hobby (flew my plane today for first time). I received my Prodigy 680 charger and 2200mAh battery in today. Plugged in the charger after skimming the manual and then plugged in the battery through balance connector. I can read all three cells and even balance the battery. However, when I go to LiPo -> CHG -> Enter for (4 seconds) will beep and then say "[ERROR] PROCESS INTERRUPTED". Nothing seems to fix the issue. I only have this one battery right now. About to order some more. Any ideas? am I doing something wrong? Thanks

My settings under "LiPo Charge Set" are
Pack Volt : 11.1v/3s
Capacity: 2200mAh
Current: 2.2A
End volt: 4.2V/Cell
CHG Mode: Balance

under "Data View" all 3 cells are around 3.78-3.79v
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