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Profile FT-3D


Build cheap, crash cheap

I built this profile 3D plane so I'd have slower, lighter 3D plane that I could fly slowly in my yard and generally practice low level, slow 3D flight. The tail and proportions are directly from FT-3D plans with a slightly changed fuselage shape, the wing dimensions are based on my FT-3D's wings (root chord 9.5", tip chord 6.5", span (minus fuse thickness) 30") with 50% chord panels that are bevel cut and glued on to form the symmetrical KFm-4 airfoil. It's a little heavier than I had hoped for, but it still has plenty of power to climb out in the manner that a 3D plane should. My smallest battery is a 3S 1000mAh and it flies great with that, it even flies well with my 3S 1800mAh battery, but you can tell it's heavier when flying slowly. It's still quite a bit lighter than my FT-3D and was easier to build, should be easy to repair too when the time comes. I'm not sure how the durability will compare, the FT plane has proven to be very durable, but I'm sure I'll find out.

Wing span ~31"
Motor is marked A2212/13T 1000kv, not sure of the brand
10x4.5 Prop

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Cardboard Boy
Ahhhh the good old orange motor and HW30A ESC, as reliable as it gets!

Fun fact: FoamieNinja once ran one of those on 6S so yeah.

Also, nice plane!