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Profile FT3D Motor questions


Master Tinkerer
After the moisture destroyed my kit FT3D at flitefest, I decided to satisfy the urge for an AS3Xtra by building a profile 3D foamie. I used nothing but hot glue and large popsicle sticks to secure the tail and all that, but heres the problem. The only motor I have is a 24gram blue wonder equiv. and an 18A esc. I know that it can just barely take my FT flyer (w/ ailerons) vertical, so I'm questioning the performance on this plane once its done. If its underpowered, I can try a 10/4.7 , which i happen to have from a nice gentleman at Flitefest instead of the 8/5 (or whatever they recommended)I've been using on my Flyer.