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Programmable Open Source ESC

Wondering if anyone has run across an esc that is suitable for drones that you can easily program the esc microcontroller? I think it would be interesting to write the software for an esc or at very least have in-depth control with how the esc works.

I've done some research but can't see to find anything about this and I'm not super into designing electronics or building my own boards, so I'm hoping I've missed something that is already on the market to buy. Also are there any ESC that have a built-in USB connection rather than having to pull out an Arduino nano everything you need to flash BLHeli or some other Firmware on the controller? Thanks in Advance!
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Winter is coming
ST Microelectronics have good support (they, should considering they are really well funded by EU countries) for hobbyists and industry. I attended a free seminar they put on for motor control that included getting free development kits which is normally $50 for the discovery board and motor shield:


Look for one of their technology tours near you:

Ultimately, you are still programming and uploading software to this board which drives the controller (ESC) and motor. So, technically, it doesn't change the workflow you described of writing software and uploading it. You're still doing that, but it's just a bit more integrated (with the IDE, etc). Thankfully, there is a open ST build chain that's based on Eclipse / gcc: http://www.openstm32.org/HomePage

I picked up this SL-PACK-MTR-CTR2 which is normally almost $50 for free at one of the seminars and learned a lot about BLDC motor control:

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