Prop and Slot "Jets"


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Been watching videos of these planes. F22, Mini Vector, Alpha-Bravo-Charlie. Flight characteristics look really cool. I have an unused B power pack and considering the F22 but would pull the F pack off my KFM wing for the others. They look like a lot of fun.

Any suggestions on which one you'd build? Your experience/preference if you've built one or more of them?


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I am planning on doing a mighty-mini f-22 in the near future.
I did build the bravo, and a word of advice I offer to you (and anyone else) is this, be sure to reinforce the entire length of the pushrod with a thin straw. I reinforced mine with just a couple zip-ties and planted it in the dirt after flying for only about 2 minutes due to very “mushy” up elevator (pushrod was bending and barely moving the control surfaces in flight).
Or you could just put the servos on top of the wing.


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I've build a bunch of the f22s and I love them. They're easy to build, easy to fly, and look sweet in the air :)


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I've had good success with the f-22's as well. She was quicker than I expected and lawn darted her shortly into her maiden flight. Picked her up, straightened the nose and off she went again. I was more prepared the second time and had much better luck. I have not tried the others, but I would imagine they are all flight worthy.


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The F-22 is quick! A lot of fun till the nose comes off...

I've looked at the A,B,C as well but have not tried them yet... Look like really solid builds.


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And some day it might get above -30C to maiden it!
Gotta admit. My stoke definitely declines rapidly below -10. We've had a foot of fresh snow in the last two days but temp is up to about -4. Soft landings but easy to lose a plane till spring in the snow. Thinking the Explorer for tomorrow as it should be easy to find if necessary. Practice my snow take offs and landings and see it I can get it to fly with the 3500s I found. Love flying it off the snow.


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For the last 2 weeks we have been in the -47C to -30C. No flying to be had. Spent more time running around boosting people then anything. No work happening either in this weather, so lots of time to build!


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70f here. (I know, it's horrible cold! :cool:) High winds for me, but I'd be willing to take on mayan if I wasn't working today. :) Sunday. My next day off. Still more stuff with the frackin' car, but hopefully my son can take care of it on Saturday, and I'll be able to fly on Sunday. 70% chance of rain. We'll see.


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I like the slot prop concept. Have only flown the Mini F-22, but it was quite nimble and looks really cool in the air.


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For the last 2 weeks we have been in the -47C to -30C.
Most of my family live in Alberta. When they say it's cold, it's a whole different thing than when I say it's cold. We haven't been much below -10 here but we still like to complain about it. Mostly we've been getting dumped on. Snow removal has been a constant task.


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I’ve built both the f-22 and the bravo. The F-22 is a bit faster and doesn’t look as good, though I think it’s a bit more nimble and easier to build. On the bravo I just hacked the fins apart at the top where there’s a score line for a bevel and made the fins vertical instead of A shaped. It flies really nice.


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Ya the F22 is a quick and easy build. The A,B,C are a bit more involved. BUT they fly pretty much the same. The B Power Pack will work fine, I used the B and it flies great! I had to modify the Prop slot a bit to fit the larger prop but it was definitely worth it!

HAVE FUN. Happy flying... When the weather clears LOL


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For a Canadian, I'm such a wuss. I'd be whimpering like a baby if it was -20 here. Part of the reason I love the Kootenays. A nice mix of coastal and interior weather.
Lol I am pretty sick of the cold right now. I have managed to get out at least once every month tho. After so much -30 in February, -15 feels pretty warm lol

Basically going from -30 to plus 4 in a few days. Should be sloppy but shorts and tshirt weather next week.