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Proposed PROJECT: Make things fly (awesome viid within; flying lawnmower, bbq, etc)


How many letters do we ge
Came across this vid:

Talk about LOL!

Perhaps while David is in town flite test can get a multi-rotor lawnmower flying, or BBQ, or kids toy, or bike, or something.

E.g. the FedEx box:

Maybe get the flite test old-school TV to fly!

Any other suggestions for 'stuff' to fly.


Senior Member
I really liked the flying lawnmower.

I imagine an ad in the future :
''Sick of your house being in one spot? Tired of annoying neighbors? Call us now and for only 999.99 we will install a flying house system. You'll be able to fly anywhere you want!''


I watched this video a few days ago and last night randomly had a dream where I was driving down a road and there were flying washing machines and various other household objects flying overhead. Damn, now I'm even starting to dream about making stuff fly!