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Proposed Tricopter

Hello Everyone

This is a proposed Tricopter frame that I have come up with, built towards stability in flight more than aerobatic flight.. of which I have a Tcopter in mind that I will render up later depending on the response from this

Currently its "Super Simple" as I'm tacking it onto another job in the waste material of a 18mm sheet I'm milling

As far as yaw control I thought I would just separate the end of the boom and run a central pin along the axis of the back shaft, ill CNC out a little spot for the servo to go on a later prototype

It'll be constructed in 18mm and 4mm Birch ply the arms are currently pinned in position I wanna crash her a couple times before I change that as I'd like the geometry to be as simple as possible without the risk of an arm deciding to fold in flight after encountering a pigeon
Booms are 440mm long 10 wide and 18mm at their thickest, 10 and their thinnest

the arms will be milled back from the 18 down to 10 for the length until the motor and the actual mount itself, center of gravity currently resides 1mm in-front of the coincidence of the center-lines of the booms.

Any Input would be much appreciated!
Stand-offs with another frame plate everything under the CG to move it lower so it acts more like a highwing fixie than it does a copter.. So when left to its own devices it will try and level itself whenever its put in a stupid attitude... the bottom plate will also have a skid battery will be velcro'd to the bottom of the plate

Was thinking about using the "front" arms as an aileron/elevator control with servos on each arm as well, (rotating the entire arm instead of just the tip)

also eventually modified with a camera gimbal
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