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props for umx timber


Troll Spammer
so i broke my prop for my umx timber and i was wondering if i could put a umx turbo timber prop on it.
You could, but it might adversely affect flight time. The Turbo Timber has a stronger motor also, so you might be over-propping the non-turbo motor.
After breaking probably 4 props and several prop adapters, I switched to a non horizon 5x3 prop. I used a carbon fiber prop since I had one in my box. I did have to use a small washer on the screw to hold the prop on since it had a larger center hole with a spacer to fill things in. When the plastic prop adapter broke I got the aluminum one from small parts cnc, and used a prop saver mount on that. My carbon prop is now mounted with a prop saver on my timber and I've not broken anything in a long time. That's partially because I'm a better pilot now, but this setup has survived multiple noseover landings, which killed multiple props/prop adapters previously.