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Props .. Slow Fly vs Normal

Hi Guys..

I just want to find out on these RotorBones series Tricopter, with 24g motor, whats the better choise of props?
I used really cheap GWS style props. but I was wondering would I be better off buying GWS HD or GWS SF props


Junior Member
everyone is using SF out there but i think is because of the lift they give and in multirotors speed is not so much a deal


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
One thing I would add is the contrast or comparision to cheap Slow-Fly and carbon fiber.

The advantages to SF is they are dirt cheap, so using them when first learning is a big plus, because you will probably break a few. They also are relatively flexible so they have the disadvantage of inherent vibration when they are subjected to out-of-plane forces, i.e., roll, pitch, hard throttle. But being flexible, they are also forgiving to the "noob" accidently putting their fingers in the spinning props.

In contrast carbon fiber props are much more stiff so they are more efficient, losing less energy to flex. Also they input less vibration into the system from that reduced flex. On the negative side, they are ~5-8X more expensive and will slice like scalpels if there's a 'finger accident'.