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Prototype: Foam Board/3D printed Trainer

2017-10-06 14.50.37 - Copy.jpg

About a year and a half ago I designed my first RC aircraft. A smaller high wing with a 28 inch wingspan. It was built with the intention to be a slower flying and stable trainer capable of most acrobatics. That was easily constructed with a minimum of foam board and 3D printed parts. It fell short in two categories. Firstly it was too fast, secondly it was a bit unstable. This instability resulted from its small size which I later learned is the reason most RC trainers are rather large. The solution was to scale it up by 70% to 48 inches. The result was a slower flying and rather stable airplane that is decently capable of acrobatics. Keep in mind this is a first prototype, as such it has a number of flaws to be addressed. I will post build plans, STL files and a build guide at some point after I finish the second prototype. That is if anyone is interested. At this point I will apologize for any spelling and grammar errors I have never been very eloquent with words. With that out of the way below are some pictures, videos and specifications.


Maiden Flight
I was a little too enthusiastic to maiden it as a result I flew in 15-25mph winds. I realized my mistake almost immediately as a result I spent the rest of the flight trying to land.

Fourth Flight
The only flight in relatively calm conditions to date.


Pictures of the plane
2017-10-06 14.44.06.jpg

2017-10-06 14.45.10.jpg

2017-10-06 14.48.37.jpg

2017-10-06 14.46.10.jpg

Pictures of The Parts

Firewall, motor mount and cowling.
Firewall, motormount and cowling.png


Skewer reinforcement disks, rubber band retainers and control horns.
Skewer Reinforcement Disks, Control Horns and Rubber Band Retainers.png

Main gear receiver block.
Main Gear Reciever Block.png

Wing edge protectors.
Wing Protectors.png

Foam board parts.
Foam Board Parts.png

Wing span: 48in
Wing coord: 8in
Wing area: 384in2
Empty weight 20.23oz
Takeoff weight 26.4oz
Wing loading: 9.9oz./sq.ft
Max thrust: 34oz
Thrust to weight ratio: 1.28
Thrust angle: 3° down, 3° right
Dihedral: 3° total, 1.5° per wing

Motor: Leopard Power 2830/12T 980KV Outrunner(I intend to make moter mounts for other brands.)
ESC: Sky Power 30A ESC with Switchmode BEC(Most 20+ amp ESCs with BEC should work.)
Battery: Venom 2200mah 3s 30c lipo
Propeller: APC 10x4.7SF
Receiver: Power Up RD710 2.4GHz DSM2 & DSMX Compatible 7 Channel Receiver(Any old 4 channel receiver should work.)
Servos: Emax 8g ES08D Digital Sub-Micro Servo

Build Guide and Downloads
Coming soonTM
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