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Pterodactyl War games

Long ago... man so long ago there was a film called "War games" with a young Matthew Broderick. In that film someone flies a remote control Pterodactyl. I would LOVE to see a realistic group of these things looking like they're riding a thermal. Extra points for using the natural rudder that was their head crests...


Wake up! Time to fly!
Want to play a game?

Global Thermo Nuclear War.

What could possibly go wrong. This is a neat idea. There are serveral versions of pterodactyl planes on you tube.

Long as we dont mix war games, terminator, and jurassic park to refine the builds this could be cool to see happen a flite fest.

There are quite a few good ones aren't there but I haven't seen a thermal soaring Pterodactyl yet and biger is surely better...so there's room for improvement... :D