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Puffed battery


Professional noob
I recently found that I had puffed the 3 cell battery from my stock Super Cub LP. Are there any specific disposal methods that I should take to avoid a house fire or some other dangerous event?

Also, I plan on getting some new 3s 1300mAh batteries from hobbyking, but I believe those come with a XT -60 connector instead of the EC3 connector on the Cub ESC. Is it safe to cut off the last part of the puffed EC3 battery lead and use it to make an adaptor for an XT-60?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Carefully cut off the leads ONE WIRE AT A TIME! Then drown the battery in a bucket of salt water (outside the house).

A puffed battery is not necessarily bad though.



Senior Member
You can also get an XT60->EC3 connector from HK with your batteries so you don't have to change out the battery. Or better yet a female XT60 connector to convert your super cub ESC to XT60's. Just depends on what connectors you want to use in the future