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Puffy batteries

Well, I got my first ever puffy battery.

My plane displayed a sudden and disturbing lack of power; I dead stick landed it successfully.

The battery, upon inspection, is slightly "puffy".

For safety sake, it's now in a ammo can outside in the desert.

What causes this?

This is a relatively new (one month old) battery, charged with a proper charger everytime and balanced every 4th charge or so....

My older batteries are all fine, this is the oddball.
puffy or not?

I have this battery which I don't know whether to judge it puffy or not. This is my first Lipo battery, so I don't really know if its puffyness is normal or if it should be different. It feels slightly puffy, however I tought it'd be a solid as a brick. Then, the weird thing is this battery is brand new, just charged it once with my passport charger, and actually it didn't puff anymore. I did not dare to put it in my plane though. Hope someone can help me judge it

slightly puffy side.jpg slightly puffy.jpg

Thanks a lot.


Senior Member
I once got a puffy battery and I knew it was because the heatshrink would expand when it got puffy (after flight) and then the battery would de-puff(or whatever) and the heatshirnk would still be expanded and it would leave a gap between it and the battery. Also just by feeling it I could see that it's "softer" than usual... Your's might be puffed, I don't know because I don't use parkzone batteries.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I once lost a nice little heli because i ignored the puffiness of a battery my advice
would be "if in doubt throw it out" I know that batteries aren't the cheapest of things
but your plane/heli cost a lot more
I have several puffed LIPO's that still work but they do lack the punch they once had.
I must buy new ones for the upcoming season...

Old ones should be disposed in a proper way