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PVC Airplane Carriers

I needed a way to get my park flyers from my house to the fly field other than stacking them on top of one another in the extended cab of my truck. So, for around $30-40 bucks I built this triple stack park flyer carrier out of PVC and foam insulation. It is basically a bunch of PVC, 45ºs, 90ºs, T's, glue and foam insulation with only certain sections glued so I can stack the planes. Put a few screws on the uprights on each side of the cowl and tail and strap it down with bungies and foam. I also have another single PVC carrier for my Nitro Pulse XT 40. I can now fit 4 airplanes in the bed of my truck and still have room in the extended cab to haul the rest of my stuff.

photo 18.JPG

photo 19.JPG