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PZ/HZ Supercub internals in a Kyosho Hyperfly

Hi Guys,

I have a bit of a crazy idea that I need your help with. As a child I was inspired by the Kyosho Hyperfly which was a great little 2 channel heli that flew more like an aeroplane.


Now I managed to get two incomplete kits from ebay including one with the apache body kit. Now this thing originally flew on a 480 brushed motor with no speed control, just a switch. Which was fine in the days of NiCd batteries when you could run them until they were sluggish and they would not be damaged. But with NiMH or LiPo things are not as forgiving. I was wondering could I use the internals from My broken Hobby Zone Super Cub? It ran on a geared 480 motor with a 3cell LiPo and has an inbuilt ESC in the receiver board, this would be used as a switch until landing time. But I don't know what the current rating is for the ESC. The original hyperfly was 6cell NiCd has an inline fuse or 20A so that gives an idea of current draw that will be required.

Any help on this would be great!




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Thanks for that rob, I'll try it through the watt meter and see what it runs at. I'm returning to the hobby after I had put a lot of stuff away into storage, so I'll net to get a few things out and at some point remember how to fly.

You're right about the Cub, it is very fixable, but I think the reason for its death was after many crashes my dog chewed the fuselage, even then the wing was reused on some other project. I gutted the electronics and they await the next project. As this vintage model works well on a brushed setup, I just thought the two might have gone well together?

Another question : I have found that the origional battery was a 6cell NiCD of 1100mAh. What would be the equivelent weight of of this battery so I can get a 2 cell LiPo that weighs the same?

Just to post an update on this vintage build:

I took Rob's advice and bought the Turnigy 30A ESC, that gives plenty of amps for the AP29L motor with is apparently not just any old 480, it's a 4900KV! Furthermore, I found some standard size JR servos that I cleaned up and work great. These will hopefully hold up to the vibrations better than a smaller servo, even with metal gears.

As weight saving just hasn't been a priority so far (I will need t pick up the best battery to make it original weight) I may as well use one of my AR7000 original receivers, at this model is bound to have plenty of interference. The only other modification I have done was to replace the bushes, which one was missing, for the main shaft with ball bearings.

The build is slow as I keep having to disassemble and reassemble, but it's I'll post pictures when it looks good!

I got it all together and it seems to work. I used some HK servo arms which are the most heavy duty I have ever seen! I got a 2cell 2200mah battery (might be too light) and am using an old AR7000. It all fits ok, but I am struggling to balance the flybar?


Foam Addict

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Sorry, I can't help, but this is an awesome build! I really think that this is a cool chopper, and you've done a great job putting it back together.:applause:
Thanks for your encouragement "Foam" and thanks for the article. I got the flybar balanced, and used a blade balancer for the mains, but looking at the article I need to figure how to balance a heli airframe?

One of the main sticking points I have is my only set of blades, I need more and I guess that I either need to make wooden replacements or find suitable alternatives. Does anyone have any idea of a solution for this problem?

(this is on 1cm squared paper for illustration)