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Quad motor control issue


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Hi guys, i've already completed assembling my new quad, here is the config:
SK450 frame
KK2.0 (updated to 1.5)
4xHobbyKing 30A ESCs - flashed with SimonK (the ones with the blue shrink wrap)
4xTurnigy D2830-11 motors.

So i'm done assembling my quad and everything seemed ok, i configured my KK2 according to a few youtube guides (calibrate ESCs, calibrate control board levels, checked receiver channels, etc.) and everything seemed perfect, however i did a few tries to lift off, but the quad starts drifting to the left immediately, which forced me to suspect something was not right. I left the props on (a bad idea, now i have a few bruises on my left arm ... i know, i know ... i am aware of the hazards and i know how everyone advises to remove the props when you do such things) and gave it a few stirs while holding it by hand and all motors except motor 1 compensate when they start to fall down ... hence motor 1 rotates with a constant speed and does not react at all (it does react when i throttle up or down, but not to the gyros). I tried turning auto level on and off, but it doesnt make any change ... hence i'm not quite sure if it should at all. I replaced both the motor and the ESC (had some spares lying around), but alas no change ... so my suspicions fall on the board, hence is it possible to be the board if motor 3 (on the oposite side) reacts just fine ? Anyone have any ideas ?
Thank you.
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