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Quad spins at low rpm when Armmed

I am having a weird issue where my quad's motors are spinning when my remote is at the low throttle position. I set my low throttle setting to 1040 and made sure that the transmitter at low throttle position is 1000 via the receiver tab in betaflight. Similarly, I have set min throttle to 1040 as well in BLheli.

When I move the throttle stick higher, the motors do spin up as expected but I can never get them to be idle. Any thoughts or tips to troubleshoot?

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They always do that, the props spin at low rpm the minute you arm. It’s there to remind you that the quad is armed. Since you are never going to arm it except right before you take off or on the bench PROPS OFF, it’s not going to be an issue.
I would also change your min value. If you go into Betaflight CLI and do

get min_check

That will tell you what you actually got. Next-

set min_check 1020

You don’t want so much deadband in the throttle.