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Quad Transmitter Advice

I'll be starting my first quad build (5") in the coming weeks, and was thinking of switching up my transmitter.
I currently have a DX6 that I use for fixed wing mainly, and for the gremlin.
Almost everything I've seen for quads online uses Frsky, so I was wondering if it would be worth it to "upgrade" to the Frsky, or I should just stick with the DX6.

What do you guys think? What are you currently using?


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I’ve never done quads, but Spektrum should be fine. The pros use frsky since it probably has certain features they can customize, but Spektrum is good for the average user. I might compare it to android vs apple - you have more options with android but apple is good for an average user. Just my opinion. Thx for reading


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I started with Spektrum and later moved to FrSky. They are both very good systems, but the FrSky/OpenTx ecosystem offers a lot more customization and features, at the expense of ease of use. TBH you don't really need a 'fancy' radio for multirotors, my main reason for switching was cheap telemetry and LUA scripts.


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Buy a Jumper T16. It does everything an FRsky radio does but with a full colour screen, optional hall effect gimbals, OpenTX, more channels, crossfire compatible and can do any protocol. It won’t lock you into Access like FRsky 2019 radios are trying to do. It will fly all your old models with DSMX receivers in too.
The T12 Pro is also excellent. Both are sub $160.
6 channels isn’t enough for most quad set ups and Spektrum receivers cost more to get the same features as Frsky ones have had for ages like RSSI and telemetr.


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Your DX6 will work great for flying quads, no need to update anything, that is what I started with only updated to a DX9 is I needed more channels for one of my builds.

Ihichi Bolls

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Anything with 6 channel minimum will do to put a quad in the air.

You need to think more of the future and what you may want to do. Any of the open TX radios give a much longer term functional life as well as infinite ways to incorporate most anything RC related under its control.

Things to think about when using spectrum or even flysky gear is set up on the quad. FC's require a functional range of 1000 to 2000 resolution to give maximum control of the system. Spectrum (still cant for the life of me figure out why) gimps their control values as a default. To get proper and most beneficial set up from those brands manipulation of that range is necessary. The sweet spot seems to be extending the default range by 147% to achieve the proper 1000 to 2000 range. Some of those radios are not capable of doing that and will make set up harder with things like proper arming as well as gimp the resolution for control and thus acting like an anti expo out of the gate.

This is why I chose the Taranis when I upgraded radios from the Devo7 I had started with. Open tx is NOT as complicated as many make it to be. The out of the box set up for anything rc using standard 4 channel setup is exactly like any other radio ever made. It even has scripts built in to do default installations for quads wings and planes making it even easier.

Anything else you may want to do later is easily learned over time with a little reading and or you tube university education.

Ihichi Bolls

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Even using FrSky end points still need to be setup and checked for the quad to fly properly.
This is true but you wont need to hunt down where to extend trims before setting end points in open tx. Heck most Spectrum users dont even know you can extend the output ranges to begin with and fly their planes on short throws with less resolution.


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For your first quad, stick with what you have. It will work just fine and cost less.

When you outgrow it, FrSky.

By then you'll have a ton more experience and know the reasons why.

Transmitters and chargers are a very personal choice. Those two items impact everything you fly. Give it some time so you can get it right and get the most for your money.

You have a solid transmitter today. Get some air time under your belt and then make the decision. When you do, you will know what you want.
Thank you all for the responses.
I will probably eventually get the T16, as I am hearing lots of good things about it, and it's compatibility with everything.
But for now, I'll stick with the spektrum. At least for the first build. I can always upgrade later, when I need more channels.

I started with a Spektrum 6 channel but quickly found that 6 channels was not really enough.
4 for controls
1 for arming switch
1 for mode selection (if you use that)
1 for beeper (to find that downed Quad in the tree, grass, farmers field, etc.)

You can get by, but the higher channel count definitely is a benefit.