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Question about MJX Bugs 3 controller

I have a MJX Bugs 3. I know that this drone uses the Blomiky B3 Receiver. Is the controller (transmitter) that came with this drone compatible with any other receivers or other drones? The reason I ask is that I want to try and build my own drone using my 3D printer. While I will have to buy all the various parts such as the receiver, ESCs, and motors, I would prefer not having to buy another controller. Other than I know it works on the standard 2.4 GHz, I can't find anything else about the controller.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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I don’t believe it would work. You can find pretty cheap controllers/receivers on HobbyKing though. @FDS suggested a cheap one, but I don’t remember which one it was...
Thanks for your replies, I will definitely look into these two transmitter. How do you determine what receivers are compatible with these transmitters.

Actually, rather than me keep asking these stupid newbie questions, can you recommend a book or website where I can learn about the specifics of drone electronics?

As always, thanks for the help.


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Joshua Bardwell on Youtube is my starting point.
Receivers are cheap, so you should concentrate on what transmitter you can afford/want first and then get a matching receiver. If you are building a small 3d printed drone the new style CrazyBee F4 boards and derivatives are an excellent combined choice for the pric, there’s lots of frame designs that work with them and 1104 or 1105 motors with 65mm 2 blade props work well with them. There’s a ton of makers doing similar and better boards in the same style, with or without inbuilt receivers. The class of drone they are commonly in is called Toothpick class, there’s lots of builds out there.
The Jumper T12 works with almost any receiver, FRsky make the most commonly used Quad receivers, theirs are small and work pretty well. Jumper has a multi protocol module included with it to enable you to bind to all types of receiver. Otherwise the description of the transmitter has the receiver protocol. For example Spektrum uses DSMX.
If you don’t have a multi protocol module then you can’t bind to other companies receivers unless they are made to work with the TX protocol. For example there’s a couple of companies making DSMX receivers even though Spektrum “own” that protocol.
There’s a good thread here about transmitters, read that too.
Questions are what this forum is about, ask away!
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Thank you very much for your post. A lot of great information that should keep me busy for quite a while. The Jumper does look very good and is probably something I won't outgrow very quickly.


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The T12 pro has everything, including Hall effect gimbals. My son has used it for 8 months on everything from toy quads to planes and 5” race builds. It’s got Open TX on, so you will have to learn that, the only problem with the more powerful open radios is that they don’t shortcut anything, you have to put it all in. Lots of OpenTX tutorials on YT.