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Question about Tx to Electrohub Quad - New to quad - please help!

Hi, I am very new to R/C plane/multi-rotors. However, I am very interested in the hobby. After watching many build and demo videos of the Electrohub quadcopter on Flitetest by Josh, I really like the design and decided to buy one (with the camera mount too) - here is the link. I also got the recommended power package from Ready-To-Fly Quads (with red [cheaper] motors), here is the link. The question I have is I already have a transmitter Spektrum DX5e, which I believe is a 4 channel. After getting the shipment of the electronic today, I noticed it has more than 4 (maybe 6) channels. So I would like to know if can I use my current Tx to operate the quad without problem? If not, is there any way around I can make it so it will work? I am really trying to avoid buying another transmitter (DX6i, 7i, etc) which is even more expensive due to tight budget. Any help is really appreciated! And like I said, I am very new, so if you got any tips to go along when building my first quad is also appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Your DX5e is a 5 ch radio and should work ok with the quad. If you don't have a spare Rx for your radio it will work with the OrangeRx brand on hobbyking. I have several of those and they work great:)
@ helinor: thanks for the reply. I did get the Rx together with the power package I mentioned - Lemon 6-Channel Receiver (side pin). Do you know if there is any special pairing instructions? I will probably start building the quad later when I get home from work. Hope everything will go smooth. Thanks again for any light you can shed on this!



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Haven´t tried the lemon but if it´s DSM2 or DSMX you are good to go. Binding is usually done by plugging in the bind plug on the right pins, should be marked "bind". Then power the Rx. Remember to use only 5V for power to Rx. You will now get a flashing light. Power on your Tx holding the bind switch and hold the switch until the light on the Rx stays solid. Power of the Rx and remove the bind plug. Power on the Rx again and you shall now get the solid light when the radio is on. If you have a servo you can plug it in one of the channels to try it. Good luck:)


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Four channels is the minimum you need to operate the quad. The 5th and 6th channels can be used to activate auxiliary features, like selecting flight modes (Acro / AutoLevel / Heading-Free / Etc...)