Question on “C” pack and 4s.


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Looking at the specs on the C pack 2215/10 motor the input voltage is a 2-3s (7.4 – 11.2V). But then in the overview it is stated the C pack ESC is sufficient for 4S and to use a 9X4.5 prop on the motor for 4S. Also in build videos (Mig3) Josh states he likes a XXX 4S battery.

The current listed for the motor is 18 amps or 200 watts.
If I using a 4S battery Is the important number 18 amps or the 200 watts.
I would need to keep the current to about 13 amps if 200 watts is the target number.
In either case I know watts would be heat the motor would have to deal with.

Watt / amp meter coming in the box with new batteries, I will have the tools just lacking knowledge. I have a lot to learn about motors.


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One think to keep in mind, the components of the FT packs has changed over time. You need to look at the capability of your ESC, not the one they used several years ago.

The prop, watts & amp ratings on motors are not absolutes, they mare suggestions, a good place to start. If I’m trying a combination that has not been approved, I will start with a short run 5-10 seconds. Check the motor & ESC for heat. Then a 30 second run & check. Then a run for 60-90 seconds. When checking for heat warm is ok. If you can’t hold it for 30 seconds, it’s too hot.

There is a relationship between prop size and battery cell count. Any motor will use a larger prop on 2S than on 3S and an even smaller prop on 4S.