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Question on motor, esc, prop, combo for my FT Mustang

Just built my second FT plane, the Mustang. I love it. Thanks FT guys! I do want to get a bit more speed. Presently I'm running a Suppo 2217/7 1250KV, Suppo 30Amp esc and a 9 x 4.7 prop. I'm considering changing it to a Suppo 2217/6 1500KV ( http://www.altitudehobbies.com/a-series-motors/brushless-motor-425-28-33-1500kv-suppo-2217-6 ).

I'm wondering for the 1500KV:
1. Do I need to upgrade my ESC? Site says 30A is minimum recommended.
2. I was also considering a 8x6 prop. Is this going to be better than the 9 x 4.7? What would you recommend?
3. I presently have Turnigy 2200 3cell 20-30C. For this motor am I in danger of overloading the discharge rate?

I'm not clear on all the electronics and limits yet so I thought I would ask for assistance from the fine folks here.
Great nerdnic. Thanks for the response. I've watched your videos. I'd love to give one of your planes a try eventually. Probably need a bit more practice time in the air. I'll order your recommendation up and put it on. Just started cutting foam for the Guinea Pig tonight. Can't wait to get it glued up as well and add to the hanger.