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questsion about power pods

I built an FT Storch and when I built the power pod I noticed there doesn't appear to be any angle included in the firewall to help reduce left hand turning tendencies. I know on GA aircraft they all have a little angle to the right and a little down angle to help the plane fly straight (as viewed from the cockpit). I haven't flown it yet but was thinking about making a little change before I put it in the air. I'm using the C motor group of components and I think the motor is 1100 K. Any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks guys. I think I'll do the maiden flight the way it is. If It won't trim out fully after i get it in the air, before the next flight I'll add a coupe degrees. Thanks again for your input.


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I have one washer under the top screw for a little down thrust and two under the right screw for right thrust. I find it easier to build my pods square and shim the motor mount.