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Quick Electric Motor and ESC Question


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So using something like a 30A ESC and a normal brushless motor like what would be used on an Arrow or something like that, is their any way I can make it so the motor can go forwards and backwards? I am trying to make a tank out of some motors but can't do that unless I can have them go both forwards and backwards without switching the wires? If their isn't, what type of motor do I need? Thanks!


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Pretty much any ESC these days can do that. Its called bi directional mode and can be changed by plugging into a computer, using a card or by radio using the beep codes once its put into programming mode.

Programming mode is just like doing a throttle calibration except you dont drop your throttle down after those boot up beeps. Most esc's come with a paper that tells you how to enter set up and how what the beep codes mean. If not you should be able to get it from the manufacturer websites.