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Hello everyone,

quick question: can I put a 9X4.7 prop on a 2150kV motor and a 15amp ESC that all runs on a 3s battery?

I am a beginner and I don't really know that much about the science behind the electronics, so any help is much appreciated.



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More details on the motor would be good, the kV is just the speed!

That prop sounds a little big for a 15A ESC, can I ask what you're building/setting up? A good way to go when starting out is to just try and match specs with a recommended setup.


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I figured i should've supplied more info.


(it is 20 amps, i removed the label so i forgot how much was it exactly)


I am trying to build the FT versa wing pusher mode; I already built the FT 22 raptor and had a trainer glider that is why I had these electronics laying around, so I decided to build it with these to both put the electronics in use and just get an idea of how things go not just copy and past what the recommendations say.