Qx7 lua scripts for 2.2.2


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Depends a bit on what you mean but if you getting errors running a script that used to run fin in 2.2.1 then probably you need updated scripts which may not be available yet. I would check where you got the scripts from and see if there is an update available.

If you mean scripts in general then possibly you did not upgrade the SD card content to the 2.2.2 version but that is just a guess.


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I have updated my taranis to opentx-x7 2.2.2, and attempted to load the Betaflight-tx-lua-scripts-1.1.0 and when I attempt to setup the scripts on my taranis I get no scripts on sd card error, perhaps the scripts I attempted to add are not the correct version, or I have them in the wrong folder? I dropped the scripts into the Telemetry folder of the sd card.