Qx7 programming Safe for Turbo Timber


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Hey Everyone, new to the hobby and having a blast. I did a search but no luck. Learning the Qx7 and set up the Timber ok but can figure out how to program SAFE so I can toggle it on and off. Here's my setup:

Turbo Timber BNF with Spektrum
QX7S with Jumper 4N1 module

The Safe is supposed to be on Channel 5 and I have that assigned to a switch but must be doing something wrong.

Would like to do set up our Apprentice next but flying it with the included DXe for now.

Thanks in advance for any help


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@Goodfoot00 - if the trainer with SAFE includes an autopilot - as far as I have read you cannot program that with the Taranis or Jumper - however, if the system is triggered by a switch or flight modes on a switch you should be able to do that on the Taranis or the Jumper.

flick me the instructions you have and I will investigate more
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Here’s my set up for Safe on the Sport Cub S, it should work on the Timber.
Inputs- Safe is the three position switch for the flight modes, panic is the on/off for engaging full stabiliser. If the timber uses that channel for flaps then put it on a pot instead.