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R/C Simulation in X-Plane 11 (with VR (optional))

Hello FliteTest community!

I've used x-plane as R/C simulator and it is just fantastic, in my opinion.
You can do a lot of great stuff and the flight physics are really great, but you can also fly with your smal plane on huge Airports with a lot of traffic going on! ;)
When you look in youtube, there are some really great Videos about flying (in general) with vr in X-plane 11, thats just stunning.

Here's a short guide, how to use X-plane for R/C:
  1. Buy or download X-Plane 11 from http://www.x-plane.com and install X-Plane.
  2. the go to site's like http://www.x-plane.org and look there for r/c planes and software to install. (most of it free))
  3. You can plug in your remote (you have to have a usb dongle or something simular, I use one witch plugs into my dx8 into the back with a head phone jack. I bought it from Pichler modellbau in Germany.)
  4. and now you're ready to fly.

A great designstudio for these models is VSKYLABS http://www.vskylabs.com.