R/C X-15 Rocket Glider


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It has to be done. And my name was called in some facebook thread somewhere. So, I'm rising to the occasion. Or sinking to it...

So off we go... This is the planform of an X-15, for those who are unfamiliar:

And here's a first pass at the first design iteration (there will probably be a larger one):
2018-12-18 13_47_14-Aleda_CLG.skp - SketchUp Make.png

So some specs:
Estes BT-80 body tube, 18" long
Semroc 7.33" nose cone (http://www.erockets.biz/semroc-balsa-nose-cone-bt-80-7-33-ogive-sem-bnc-80ka/)
Tail cone, bored out Semroc nose cones (http://www.erockets.biz/semroc-balsa-nose-cone-bt-80-4-0-elliptical-sem-bnc-80bb/)
1/8" balsa wings
3/32 balsa elevons
1/8" balsa rudders
24mm motor mount with adapter to 18mm for Aerotech D reloads
3.4g Blue Arrow servos
4-6 channel Frsky r/x
1s 300 lipo
5A brushed ESC for onboard ignition


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Ooooh, aaaah! I’ve wondered how long it would be before we’d see one of these in rc form, I’m not surprised that it’s coming from you either! I will be watching this thread😉.


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Good I was starting this too and now I do not have too:cool: Good luck on it and if you could make it so I do not have to use a rocket motor that would be just swell.:) Failing that I guess I will work on mine too when I am done with the Quinjet and the X-1 I am working on.


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I'm going to do what I can to keep the wingloading low enough to fly it as an electric. Should be a fun (mis)adventure!