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Hello to whom ever is checking this out! Please check them all out! Let me know what ya think as well. I'm excited to show my videos of tearing up the local parks and a couple other spots i like to rip! My videos are all raw footage. And only recently i got a Runcam2, so prior to that it's footage straight from my FPV cam (runcam owl plus or eagle). I hope you enjoy. Some of the videos are long. But, I think there good and worth a look!!!!
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Thx Ricci! Arrow is so fun, i wanna get more speed though, im running 2206 2300kv for a motor. Im also toying around hot knifing a frame, as i feel it will be much more structurally sound.
Sounds perfect!!

As I don't have a amp meter I'm not sure of the draw on my motor, I'm thinking of running a 7" prop, just have to check motor/esc temps carefully.
After those crashes on my footage. Particularly, the one where I hit the branch and got sent onto the face of the ditch, my ARROW had seen better days. Plus as you could see it was also rather damp. I have yet to pull the trigger on any WP Foam board. I've had my doubts I guess mostly on how well it actually does, and performs. And if it's worth the extra cost! Idk..

Anyways I'm working on my next Arrow. Not sure on the latest color scheme have to see how it goes!
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