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Hey guys...

Anyone out there have direct contact info for Race day quads or a way to get them to contact me?

I have been trying to get an order in over the last two days. I have an account registered and the order does not compete and throws no error messages nor points me to any invalid fields that need correcting.

I tried to do an email contact and that's not going thru because it seems to have to have an order number connected.

There is no phone contacts that I can find either.

At this point my patience is gone but I don't wanna have to search out a new supplier yet again that has most of what I use or may need.


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Well, I'm wondering if they have things down right now or people not at work. They're out of Orlando, and I know the hurricane has thrown Florida through hell with the downed communications and road closures. I've heard similar issues occurring with GetFPV, which is also out of Florida...

I did look for contact info, but nothing other than a physical address turned up. :(

Dunno if you do FB, but they have a FB page and contacts through there; supposedly they respond within the hour according to FB Messenger...


Wake up! Time to fly!
Tried facebook and some Intolerant Gentleman* complained i didn't use my real name so they locked the account and I have zero tolerance for having to jump thru hoops.

Forgot about the hurricane as I have limited media access for world happenings.

Guess the order will go to other companies. Ones that have more easily accessed customer service or at the very least better structured means if contact thru their website.

Thanks for the fast reply. Kinda frustrated atm so I'm a tad blunt.
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