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Racing quad material

Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but I would like to suggest a racing quad frame you guys could manufacture in house.
What is very popular right now is 180 size quad frames all one piece. Non brittle plastic is perfect for this and can be cut with your laser cutters like the rotor bones parts. Many people prefer the plastic over carbon fibre as it does not conduct electricity and holds up better in a hard crash, you can pretty much slam them into a brick wall. You could even hold to Flitetest tradition and post the plans on line for people to build themselves with a scroll saw or dremel.
This would be a great product you could design, just an x with a platform in-between screw holes, and venting to reduce weight. Add some DYS ESC's, 2204 cobras, newest Naze acro rev 6, PDB with step down, sony board cam and 5.8 Ghz TX and you got the most popular race quad for sale. A new subject for a couple of shows and another build video.
I have built over 20 racing quads now and would love to see Flitetest successful in this very fast growing side of RC.