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Rad Jet


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh talk about the Rad Jet! Not only are they reviewing the 800mm, but also the 420mm! Watch as they put them through the test.


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Is that an A6 Intruder on the television?!! :eek:
I love that plane!:applause:

The episode is awesome! I love the speed!
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On my GET list!

I was considering a F-27Q Stryker but the rad jet is a 3rd of the cost!! Plus the F-27Q Stryker 180 sucks, one crash and it was $150 jigsaw puzzle... at $50 it wouldn't hurt the wallet so much.

Yes, it is similar to the FunJet by Multiplex, but again $50 verses $120? I will go with the one that is not going to put as big of a dent in my wallet. Which is why I buy HK Orange Receivers over Spectrum, $6 verses $60 and the HK Orange receivers work pretty dang good for my park flying.

I am looking to go have fun flying, not take a mortgage out on my house to afford the habit! Thanks to Hobby King, I get to have fun and save a bunch of cash for other things!


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Is that an A6 Intruder on the television?!! :eek:
I love that plane!:applause:
It's a nice looking model, but a pig to fly. My hat goes off to the FT boys if they can get that thing to FPV. See my thread on this thing in the warbird thread. The outlets are just not able to deliver the thrust that even a souped up EDF unit delivers.

I didn't get to watch the Rad Jet episode before I left for work this morning. Looking forward to getting home tonight!

EDIT: is it just me, or is this motor the same as the Bixler one?
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I had one for about 5 months. It does fly well once you get the cg correct. Be careful though. If you fly too slow and let it drop a wing or try to pull too tight a turn it will get into a spin that you can't recover from. It flys best with a 6X5.5 apc prop. I also didn't trust the wing fastening method and put an 8mm carbon spar through the whole thing. I have flown the one I had on 4s too. My son clocked it with his doppler app at 119mph. RIP Radjet, I miss you.....
Interesting flying planes... was surprised at how fast and agile it was... Even Josh Scott Flew one.. The price is right. Might have to get the BNF version.


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I took mine for the maiden flight and I had a lot of trouble launching it, but flying was really good. It really is a pain to launch.