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Radio for quadcopter advise

Hi guys,

I am a complete noob to rc flying and I am in the process of building a H-Quad but have yet to decide on a radio system and I am looking for some advice.

I know 4 channel is a minimum for a quad but I have been looking at the turnigy 9x/r because I think the extra channels could be useful in the future for ariel photo/video.
The thing is the 9xr is on backorder so it would be probably another month before I would have it in my hands.
Would there be much difference between the 9x and 9xr for someone like me?

Im confused with modules then too. If I buy a tx and rx do I still need a module?

Sorry for being such a noob. Trying to pick things up quickly though and this forum is helping.

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Hi Stephen. I have a 9X. I will probably be getting a 9XR at some point. TX is a misnomer, in this case. You have the radio, which has sticks and stuff, the module, which takes the ppm signal from the board in the radio, and turns it into an em field, and you have the rx, which goes in the plane, and listens for instructions from the module. TX, commonly, is a mix of radio and module. When you buy a spektrum dx6i, you are buying a dx6i with a built in dsm module. If you buy a 9XR, you are getting a radio, but no module. The module and your receivers need to match.
Hope that helps!