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Range test


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I am kind of new to the world of RC Planes....Can someone tell me roughly what the 30 pace "range test" equates to in real world range? I have a Spektrum DX6i, and I get anywhere between 32 and 35 paces, (80-90 feet), on most of my planes, but how far is this in real world distance?

Thanks for your help


The manual really doesn't help with that, does it? It looks like the range of the Dx6i is really dependent on the receiver you are using. I see numbers from 1 - 2 miles on a couple of different forums. Either way, it sounds like you are good to go with the range check if you are getting 32-35 paces.
Spektrum DX6i have a range of 800m.. what that equals to in arms length's I don't know.. but its further than I can see any plane I'm willing to fly on DSM2.

orange DSM2 output seems to be 200mw, and spectrum is 125mw, I tested both, and they give the same distance.


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Interesting Vid.

Orange RX has had a couple of iterations since those, including cracking DSMX. Curious to see how they'd perform compared to the originals.

hmmm . . . need to find a straight unused road and a good signal loss beeper. Last "model finder" doohickey I bought waited a minute before firing -- good for saving battery, but no good for a test like this. might rig up a buzzer to a remote switch . . .


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Very interesting. I wonder what the difference in his Tx's was, why the red one did so much better than the green?
I use Orange on everything atm.. I even have the Orange UHF system that I use for 8km fpv runs..

True I have found some dead receivers from HK.. but I have also lost more planes on 35mhz PCM due to no fault of the receivers. so both are an equal gamble for me. I have not lost a plane on orange DSMX..
Would like to see some one compare the Orange range VS spectrum range with the orange transmitter and a spectrum transmitter..

The orange transmitter have a higher output than the spectrum one..
I have one of each.. I have a DX7 and a Turnigy9xr with the orange DSM2/DSMX transmitter module.. Will make a video this weekend,