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Guys, I would really appreciate if you could help me to choose rc airplane. I don’t care about the price, but it shouldn’t be too expensive as well. I am so confused. There are a lot of good ones in the market. Thanks in advance.


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Where are you likely to fly? Indoors, outdoors, how much space?
Do you need everything to get started, so transmitter, batteries, charger, and a plane that is ready out the box?
Have you flown before?
Do you want to build it yourself or fly right out the box?


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Marco - picking the plane is the easy part. It's getting a RADIO that will turn your hair gray and wallet upside down!

Budget Beginner but only for the technical folks - Jumper T8 or T12 - Lots of channels, binds to ANYTHING, and low cost (~$100)


Most "Bind and Fly" planes use the Spektrum DSMX or DSM2 (Jumper works with those) but you're entry level on those is about $200 for a DX8E. That is the BARE MINIMUM I would recommend, as, if you get the bug, you'll want the channels. Horizon Hobby is the go-to for these, and usually local hobby shops carry the Eflite planes.

Planes - well, as others mentioned a lot of the FT planes are great for beginners. Storch, Tiny trainer, Old Fogey would be my #1 recommendation for the super easy to fly beginner plane. None of those need a gyro so you can use budget receivers. ($6 if you look hard enough!)

Banggood is a great option if you can wait for the slo-boat from China for budget electronics. Amazon has stuff as well, and then there's Tower, Hobbyking, and Value Hobby to name a few.

One plane I absolutely LOVE is the Value Hobby EPP Cubs (I've got the big one and the small one...)


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Hands down my favorite first airplane is the FT flyer. Super simple to build, easy to fly, and surprisingly robust. For a transmitter I would strongly recommend anything that FrSky makes. I personally use an X9D with some mods, but a standard X9D is great, and with some extra cash put towards gimbals it's better than any spektrum radio I've ever used (up to a DX20.) The protocol is also miles ahead of pretty much anything else at the price point. I flew with mine in the world record flight and did not lose signal with over 300 other systems powered up. The flyer is also a great airplane to fly. With a relatively low power motor it's hard to get yourself into too much trouble and it'll recover just by letting the sticks go. From there, it's also super easy to get into other lower powered FT planes like the Cub and Scout.
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Tell us a bit about yourself, how much time do you have on the stick, what do you enjoy, what are you looking for in your plane...that way you will get a suggestion that is better for you, then what I or the others think are good planes for ourselves ;)



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One of the best learner planes is an Ascent SPX by Revolution.

Just saw one in the local hobby store for $75 ready to fly out of the box

I've had mine for years, had some of the most spectacular crashes you can imagine. My kids have learned to fly on it and most recently, I've gutted all the electronics an installed a DSMx reciever and new motor and servos and launched bottle rockets with it... (a new twist on the bottle rocket fights we used to have as kids! :LOL:)


If you already have the bug and you're in for a bit more commitment (Spektrum Transmitter etc...) the UMX Timber is one of the best flying planes I've had (especially with SAFE and AS3x) and its small and slow enough to fly almost anywhere...