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Rc auction deals

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
Today was the local clubs rc auction. It's a place to buy and sell but it's also a chance to see all the people that you haven't seen since last season.

Anyway I usually come home with something. Last year I picked up a trex 450 for cheap, the year before I got a few beater airframes. This year though I scored big time. :D

I picked up a brand new JR 9303 new in package. The local hobby shop was clearing out old stock. It's been sitting on thier shelf for probably 5 years.

Here's a pic of the price tag still on the box.

There was four for sale all together. The first went for $125.00, the next $160, the third I bid the guy up to $180 before backing out. I got the last one for $100.00. The nicad battery is toast from sitting too long but I normally run life packs anyway.

I also picked up a new dynatron starter for $50.00 that's half price. These are one of the best starters out there. Especially since they'll handle a 5 cell lipo for power.

This was the best haul yet. I have a 9303 already on 2.4 so this one is a backup. I'm thinking of using this for fpv so I can use a cheaper 900mhz system.

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
I was pretty happy. Keep in mind that $599 was the retail price when this was first out, like 5 years ago. Now you can get a 9503 with dsmx, backlight, and 20 more model memory for $500 on sale. The 9303 goes for about $250-300 used now in perfect shape. I paid $250 for my used one two seasons ago. I love JR's quality but I could never afford it retail.

I needed the dynatron because my old yellow starter couldn't crank over my 91sr in my rave 90. You have no idea how much it sucks having a motor that you can't start. I just need a throttle servo and a Rx pack and that heli is good to go.