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RC Desk Pilot, yaw-roll coupling?

I've been flying with RC Desk Pilot for a couple of months and feel like I have decent control in regular patterns and landings with most of the planes.

I noticed that flying 4 channel planes seem much easier than 3 channel planes (without rudder) so I started making some experiments. If I give full rudder the speed drops considerably and the plane change its heading and starts turning. But I don't notice any change in roll. I would have expected the "outer" wing to have a higher speed, induce more lift and roll the plane. I seem to recall that this was quite pronounced with the glider I flew 15 years ago.

Is the problem that RC Desk Pilot doesn't model this good enough or do I recall this to be more pronounced than it is for most small electric planes? I'm reluctant to spend 80€ on Real Flight if I don't have to, but I don't want to get bad habits.


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It is really hard to say. I use Real Flight myself and it's different for every plane. Some planes seemed to handle too well, while others seemed to handle oddly poor. Some planes couple real bad, while others not at all. There is a small F6F in Real flight that couples real bad and I used that for a while just to force myself to learn coordinated turns.

I have not used RC Desk Pilot before so I have no frame of reference, but I would imagine it's the same. I would not call it true to life. It does a good enough job to get the idea across and get a jump start on the muscle memory, but it's not going to match real flying.


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I find RCDP to have very little in the way of realistic yaw control. I believe you can use the plane editor to change those things, but I've never tried it.